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Homeopathy for children

Since the COVID pandemic began, a lot has been discussed and debated about the Homeopathic system of medicine. In fact, I’m certain that most of you have already tried Homeopathic medicines.

Despite the recent dialogue around this, if you still have some doubts, let me assure you as a Doctor and as a mother —

There is nothing safer and more effective than Homeopathic medicines for your children.

Homeopathy is also great for when babies are still in the womb, and expecting mothers need to do away with any issues faced during their pregnancy.

Homeopathy medicines can help you during your pregnancy.

It is human nature to start caring for our kids not just from the moment of their birth, but even before they are born. We take care of their physical, and even emotional state by taking care of the nutritional, mental, and emotional needs of the pregnant mother.

It is important to quickly alleviate any and all troubles faced by the lady, whether they are caused by her pregnancy (like morning sickness, sleep troubles, digestive disturbances, depression, hypertension, etc.) or unrelated to it (like anxiety, infections, pains etc.).

Homeopathy has proven to be indispensable in these cases, especially since most other medications are known or feared to have a detrimental effect on the foetus. Moreover, if taken at the correct time, homeopathic medicines are known to help during labour and even facilitate easy delivery.

After-pains, breastfeeding problems, post-partum depression are some other areas where homeopathic intervention proves helpful.

Advantages of giving homeopathic medicines to children

The first 2 years of a child’s life are the most crucial for his or her lifelong health. Diseases frequently seen in new-born babies like ophthalmia, pneumonia, milk intolerance, colic are easily taken care of by homeopathy. Delayed milestones, teething troubles, and behavioural problems can also find safe treatment in the hands of a Homeopath.

And let’s not forget the ease of getting our children to take the sweet pills. Any parent who has had the excruciating experience of getting a screaming, squirming, distressed child to take their medicine knows what I’m talking about!

Regular medicines have a detrimental effect on the child.

A lesser-known evil of giving “regular” medicines is a phenomenon called “suppression”. Sure, you’ve stopped the sneezing by giving a few capfuls of artificially flavoured medicated syrup, but does it stop the progression of the disease? A big no!

It invariably leads to stopped nose, then cough, and might even go to lung congestion, for which you keep giving more and more such useless medicines. Similarly, you might stop the rash, abort the fever, but this is not cure, just a removal of a symptom of underlying disturbance. Homeopathic medicines take care of that underlying trouble, hence bringing about true cure.

As a parting thought, let me leave you with this - you’ve heard about miraculous cures by Homeopaths, right? It’s not a miracle. It’s not a falsehood. It’s not advertising. It’s a system of medicine backed by science that does no harm and only good.

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