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Happy Women's Day!

This Women’s Day, let’s talk about women’s health and Homeopathy.

There are so many things we don’t even think of as disease, let alone seek medical help for them.



"Take one or four pain killers and done!"


"You know, I read of this home made pack that you can apply, it’s a sure shot cure!"


"Huh, that happens to everyone, it’ll get better by itself."


Well, don’t get me started on mental health issues and women.


It is very important that we take these things seriously. If you have to take a pain killer for it, or if it prevents you from doing something, then it is a disease. If you cannot get up from the bed during your periods, or if you have to change undergarments frequently because of white discharge, then you need to consult a Homeopath. Not a gynaecologist, because they often do not have anything other than pain killers or anti-fungals or hormonal treatments for most female problems.

Did you know that a majority of women’s diseases (in fact, majority of ALL diseases) have no specific etiology, or causative factor. There are many risk factors for sure, but not a single origin point. Hairfall to hypertension, ulcers to cancers, acidity to infertility. And since allopathic medicine does not know what is causing a particular problem, it can only guess at treatments.

The good news is that homeopathy can cure diseases because it does not act on the disease, but on the diseased person.

Today, even modern medicine is looking at psychological causes of diseases like skin diseases. But Homeopathy has known since the beginning that ALL problems have their root in the mind. This is why a majority of conditions list “stress” as one of their causative factors. “Stress” is just a way of saying that there is something in our mind, our vital force, that is abnormal, that should not be there under normal circumstances. And it is showing itself by causing arthritis, or hairfall, or yes, PCOS.

Not to mention actual mental illnesses, like anxiety disorders, panic attacks, post-partum depression, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, anger issues, mood problems, menopausal issues etc. We tend to ignore them, or worse, blame ourselves.

Homeopathy has cured millions of cases of female reproductive problems, be it PCOS, pregnancy-related complaints, post-pregnancy troubles, menstrual troubles, infertility, fibroids, breast abscess, and general problems like hairfall, depression, anxiety etc.

So if you are struggling with such female issues; if you often feel, "why did God make me a woman?" or "I just have to learn to live with this problem" or even if you just feel, "oh, this is nothing to take a medicine for," do send me a message, book a free appointment, even if just to chat.

Stay strong, take care of yourself.

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