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7 homeopathic medicines for your First Aid Kit

Yes, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, homeopathic medicines do not take 1-2 days to start acting, nor are they just for chronic diseases.

In fact, when administered along with physical first aid, homeopathic medicines are quick-acting, effective, easy to take or administer, and a boon to sensitive skins for those who cannot bear other harsher ointments.

Here are a few homeopathic medicines (especially for small children) that you absolutely must have in your first aid kit:

For falls or bruises (unbroken skin)

Arnica Mother Tincture, local application + regular cold compress OR Arnica 30

My 4-year-old son calls it the “magic medicine”.

Minor injuries like bruises and head bumps are very common among children, especially infants and toddlers. They are usually taken care of at home by placing a cold pack. However, application of just a few drops of Arnica Mother Tincture at the site of injury alleviates pain at once. In the case of very small babies, this can be diluted in an equal amount of plain water.

For more painful (but minor) injuries, or for injuries whose site cannot be ascertained, give Arnica 30 orally; 4 pills every 2hrs, 3-4 times should lead to subsidence of the pain. If not, you might need a consultation.

For wounds and lacerations (minor cuts, broken skin)

Calendula Ointment

  • Wash the injury with mild soap and water, making sure that no foreign particles (mud, pebbles, grit, sand etc.) are sticking to the site

  • If bleeding persists, apply steady pressure on the site till bleeding stops.

  • Additionally, you can apply a cold compress/ice on the cut for 1-2 minutes with pressure in order to facilitate blood clotting.

  • Then apply a thin layer of Calendula Ointment on the wound. This will aid in healing, and act as an anti-microbial agent too.

  • If bleeding persists, or if some foreign particle is left in the wound, visit a physician to get the wound dressed. Later on, Calendula can be applied in a similar manner.

For Minor Burns

Cantharis Ointment

  • Place the burnt part in a vessel containing regular tap water (NOT icy cold, or even cold water) for a few minutes, depending on the severity of the burn.

  • Apply Cantharis ointment or Calendula ointment on the affected part. This will reduce the pain and also prevent the formation of blisters.

  • If the injury is severe, or if the ointment does not alleviate, consultation and oral medicine will be required.

For 1-2 insect stings

Apis 30

  • Remove the sting (honey bee, wasp, spider) by gently scraping the area with the back of a spoon.

  • Apply Apis 30 on the area affected (there is usually redness, heat, and pain in the affected part)

  • Dissolve 4 pills in half a cup of water, and give 1 sip every half an hour till improvement is seen.

  • In cases where many stings have been suffered, visit a physician who will remove each sting, thereafter consult a Homeopath for oral medicine for prevention of any adverse sequelae.

For Overexertion of Muscles

Rhus tox 200 and Arnica 200

  • Take these medicines alternately every hour

  • This combination usually cures within the issue within a day


Rhus Tox 200

  • Dissolve 4 pills in half a cup of water.

  • Take a sip from this every half an hour 3-4 times. Repeat 4 times a day.

  • If there is no improvement seen at the end of 6 hours, consultation with a physician and X-Ray might be needed.

  • If pain lessens within a day, continue taking the medicine as long as improvement continues.

For Eye Injuries (Only if no foreign body remains in the eye)

Aconite Napellus 30

  • Lightly bathe the eye in a handful of cool water (do not splash harshly).

  • Take 4-6 pills of Aconite 30 every 2 hrs till pain subsides.

  • Apply a cool compress on the eyes for a few minutes at a time 4-6 times a day.

Note: Do remember that these remedies are given as "first aid" and on no account should be continued beyond 2-3 days at the most, that too only if improvement is seen. In case the condition does not improve with the medicine (as might happen if, for example, there is a fracture at the site of injury, or some other underlying cause), you should definitely consult a physician for further help.

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